Thomas Kinkade Snow Globes

Gift giving can be a tough time for those who are the ones trying to choose the perfect gift for their family and friends. However, there is a unique gift that is sure to please everyone from young children to adults, and that is Snow Globes.

If you are a Thomas Kinkade fan and like to collect snow globe as your Christmas gift, take a look at our collection of Christmas Snow Globes of the “Painter of Light”. You can surely choose your favorite one and bring cheer this Christmas!

Top Ten Thomas Kinkade Snow Globes 2019

1. Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village Snow Globe With Rotating Train

The snowglobe rests atop a fully sculpted, snow-dusted landscape dotted with pine trees and encircled by railroad tracks. The crystal-clear snowglobe is topped by a silvery star and houses a miniature village inspired by the holiday art of the Painter of Light™.

  • Lights up! With the flip of a switch, the church on the hill and both Victorian homes illuminate from within for a breathtaking view
  • Built-in water pump keeps snow flurries dancing all around the village
  • Plays music! This Thomas Kinkade snowglobe plays a medley of 8 beloved holiday melodies including “Jingle Bells,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and more
  • There’s motion too! A miniature steam train, painted red and green for the season, circles around the track, in and out of the mountainside tunnel

2. Thomas Kinkade Musical Snowglobe With Color-Changing Lights

This sparkling glass globe holds a fully sculpted illuminated Victorian home with children sledding down the hill, inspired by acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade’s beloved holiday imagery. The festive holiday scene continues outside the snowglobe with sculpted snow-clad trees, fully sculpted winter birds alighting on a pine bough and carolers singing and decorating the trees.

Lights, music and continuously swirling snow! At the touch of a switch, the Victorian home and pine bough illuminate, a built-in circulator sets snow flurries in motion inside the globe and the tree lights change color to a medley of holiday tunes.

3. Thomas Kinkade Victorian Village Illuminated Musical Snowglobe

Sparkling, real glass snowglobe holds a fully sculpted illuminated holiday home inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s beloved “Victorian Christmas II” artwork. The festive holiday scene continues outside the snowglobe with lighted sculptural homes, nostalgic lampposts, sculpted snow-clad trees, merry villagers and more.

  • Lights Up! The flip of a switch illuminates both scenes and activates a built-in circulator that sends a flurry of sparkling snow in motion inside the snowglobe
  • Plays Music! Also plays 8 beloved holiday songs including “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” “O Christmas Tree,” and More

4. Thomas Kinkade The True Meaning Of Christmas Globe 

Featuring a festive and reverent scene inspired by Mr. Kinkade’s acclaimed artistry, this musical glitter globe shimmers with glitter when shook. The scene within the glass globe is fully sculpted and hand-painted, from Santa’s socks to the grain of the “wood” on his carvings to the ornaments on the tree.

Crowned by a sparkling snowflake, the globe rests on a base featuring golden tracery, snowflakes and “The True Meaning of Christmas” in a golden lettering.

  • Plays music! At the turn of a key, this enchanting keepsake plays the melody of “Silent Night”

5. Thomas Kinkade Snowman Snowglobe With Lights And Music

Mr. Kinkade’s treasured images adorn the festive coats of five sculpted snowmen within the genuine glass snowglobe of this expertly handcrafted treasure.

The heartwarming scene comes to life with realistic-looking trees and a menagerie of woodland creatures arriving to help decorate a Christmas tree and oversee the holiday preparations. With the flip of a switch, a built-in mechanism within this snowman snowglobe keeps a flurry of “snowflakes” always in motion.

  • Lights up! The snowflakes within the snowman’s outstretched hands and the lanterns decorating the cobblestone bridge glow from within
  • Plays music! Plays a medley of 8 timeless holiday melodies, adding to the merriment

6. Thomas Kinkade Snowglobe Tabletop Christmas Tree With Light and Music

This handcrafted tabletop tree features realistic-looking evergreen branches touched with “snow” and hand-set crimson berries, along with traditional teardrop-shaped ornaments.

The distinctive base of this Thomas Kinkade tabletop tree features a gorgeous snowglobe with a fully sculpted, Thomas Kinkade holiday home, hand-painted in remarkable detail and presented within an elegant golden pedestal with braided columns. Eight of Thomas Kinkade’s most beloved holiday images are beautifully recreated on eight golden ornaments.

  • Snow swirls inside! Just a flip of the built-in circulator switch starts a flurry of enchanting snow inside the base, activates the lights and starts the music
  • It lights up! Welcoming light radiates from within the house, while a string of LED lights glows among the tree branches and a beautiful golden star at the top radiates with its own built-in-light
  • It plays music! For the perfect finishing touch, your musical Thomas Kinkade tabletop tree fills the air with a heartwarming medley of 8 holiday carols

7. Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Musical Holiday Snowglobe Lantern

This handcrafted, hand-painted lantern sculpture features an idyllic winter wonderland inspired by acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade’s holiday paintings inside the clear panels of the elongated lantern design.

  • Lights and swirling snow! At the flip of a switch, the entire sculptural scene is illuminated top to bottom by built-in LED lights, while a built-in circulator sends golden glittery “snow” swirling throughout
  • It plays music, too! A medley of 8 classic Christmas songs adds further holiday joy to this musical snowglobe lantern

8. Thomas Kinkade Snowfall Express Illuminated Snowglobe Train

Climb aboard for an unforgettable ride on the Thomas Kinkade Snowfall Express. Three individually hand-cast and hand-painted train cars, adorned with silvery snowflakes and piled high with glittery snow, feature Thomas Kinkade’s most treasured holiday scenes recreated in full color on the sides.

On the center car, a clear glass snowglobe contains a Thomas Kinkade-inspired Victorian home surrounded by a festive scene of children building a snowman along with holiday revelers taking a walk in the snow.

  • Lights up! With the flip of a switch, all 3 cars illuminate with LED lights, including the headlamp and conductor’s booth on the engine, the home inside the snowglobe, and upward lights on the two snowmen on the third car
  • Plays music! Listen as a medley of 8 favorite holiday carols fills the air

9. Thomas Kinkade Illuminating Holiday Snowglobe Candleholders

Capturing Thomas Kinkade’s imagery in both two and three dimensions inside real glass snowglobes that light up from within the miniature houses, this extraordinary set of two candleholders is an elegant and enchanting holiday treasure.

Each candleholder in this limited-edition set features an illuminated real glass snowglobe that contains a hand-cast, hand-painted miniature house sculpture inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s beloved Christmas imagery – which is recreated in full color on the pedestal base.

A gentle shake sends snowflakes swirling inside the globes, and each festive scene lights up from within at the flip of a switch! The snowglobes hold glittering white tapered “candles” with built-in flameless lights that you can enjoy again and again.

10. Thomas Kinkade Jingle Bells Musical Snowglobe 

Exquisitely handcrafted of artists’ resin and meticulously hand-painted, this stunning Thomas Kinkade snowglobe features a fully-sculpted winter scene inspired by the Painter of Light®. A flip of the switch illuminates this charming scene while a gentle shake sets swirling snow in motion.

For added delight, a silvery name plaque and Thomas Kinkade artwork grace the base. Plus, this festive Christmas treasure plays the beloved melody, “Jingle Bells.”