Baccarat Strategies

Based on the rules and the important rule of the third card, the most important decision for the bettor to make is whether to bet on the player, the banker or the tie . Although there is a 5% commission to pay on winning bets, the best option in many cases is to bet on the bank from a mathematical point of view, because it is slightly more likely to win the hand by the banker (45.85%) than by the player (44.62%). But that 1% margin in probability, although it seems little, goes a long way. The least palatable bet, despite the 9: 1 payout, is the tie because the house advantage (bank) is greater (over 14%) and because the odds are much lower: a tie is calculated for every 9.5 hands.

When betting on this game, you have to take into account the system to use. A 1-3-2-6 chip betting system is almost always recommended. It is best to start with a single tab. If the player wins, one more is bet and three are added (the first chip plus the second won). If the second round is won, the player would already have six. Of the total mount, you can take two and remove the rest. If luck is good and the bet is winning, you can add two more chips (units) to add a total of six. After the fourth winning bet, the balance would be 12 units or chips (whose economic value may vary).

In this account we do not usually recommend a strategy reliably, but it can work to the extent that an initial defeat causes you to lose a chip, winning the first and losing the second, which would only be two chips. If the second is won, but the third is lost, the player would have two margin chips. In case of reaching the end and losing the fourth there would not be much concern since the balance would be maintained.

Another key for the player is the moment when a third card would come out and being clear about a good strategy and a good mathematical calculation. Remember that, in low numbers of a hand, the dealer invites the player to take a third.

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