Snow globe tinker: Wintry decoration with charm

Snow Globes evoke memories of childhood and conjure a wintry atmosphere. In addition, they are wonderful as residential or table decoration and can even be crafted in a jiffy itself.

Different materials for the winter table decoration

A homemade snow globe is a Christmas present, to the delight not only children’s hearts. The winter balls are usually a special memory and can be admired on as a decoration all year round. But before the big crafting begins, think about what you want for a kind of snow globe you give at all – whether old-fashioned with figure and snow, or rather modern with photo and glitter? Depending on varying the materials you need for crafting. Without any doubt there is a need, whether classical or modern, a sealable glass. Here, the size is no limit. Whether Honey jam or mustard pickles glass, you decide what height and width should have their snow globe. For indoor use, small figures, shells, stones or similar offer. For a photo snow globe you need a way to waterproof weld in the photo and modeling clay to attach. Snow or glitter powder scattering from the craft store and distilled water added. All purpose glue or a hot glue gun and colored or wintry ribbon complete the package material then final.

Snow ball itself tinker made easy

The first step with the assembly begins with the cleaning of the selected glass. Your snow globe is finally shine from the inside and from the outside. For a sphere with the subject then the selected figure is simply glued to the inside of the lid. When using a vacuum freezer bags photos are helpful to pack the image waterproof. Then, it is then also possible to glue the picture with glue or clay from the inside of the lid. Now add distilled water and snow or glitter into the jar.

It is advisable to give a few drops of baby oil in the water at heavy particles like sequins, so that the snow does not fall too fast. Close the glass now carefully and secure the safety lid again with glue. Thus, from the snow globe is also a winter table decoration will bring you to the conclusion yet colorful or shiny ribbons around the glass to. Finish is a personal, homemade gift for winter occasion!

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